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1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen

1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen
1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen
1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen
1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen
1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen

1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen   1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen
1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen. Welcome to a New Segment in Engeika. Discovering the Hidden Treasure of Japan. Welcome to our collection, where we present rare Japanese fountain pens from the 1930s to the 1950s. These are brands that you may be unfamiliar with, as well as brands that have lost their history and legacy but are not forgotten.

Explore the fascinating origins of each pen and indulge in the delightful writing experience offered by these Vintage Japanese Fountain Pens. Specially Made by Nishio Fountain Pen in the 1930s-1940s with Iridium Semi-Flex Nib. Vintage Japanese 1940s Celluloid Fountain Pen from Mr.

FLAT TOP CIGAR SHAPE DESIGN. Our Vintage Antique Fountain Pen. Immersed in extraordinary materials and adorned with captivating designs, Japanese stationery truly embodies works of art.

The moment a pen emerges from someone's pocket or pencil case, it commands attention and admiration, doesn't it? Today, I would like to introduce you to a fountain pen that hails from the 1940s, a golden era for fountain pen manufacturing in Japan. This particular fountain pen has remained in stock for a significant period of time at its original factory. Filling mechanism: Sac Lever System.

Nib: Special Iridum Pen Semi Flex EF Nib. Size: 123 mm (From the Cap) 106 mm (From the Nib). History of Pre-War Vintage Japanese Fountain Pen: Nishio Private Collection. "NISHIO SEISHAKUSHO" embarked on its journey in the early 1900s and, although no longer operational, its legacy endures. The company's president and owner, Mr.

Zero Nisho, who is now above 84 years old, holds the esteemed position of being considered one of Osaka's intellectual figures in the stationary revolution that followed World War II. Japan experienced unprecedented economic growth throughout the country, leading to the establishment of several stationary factories that, sadly, no longer exist today. This pen carries the history, of the Laurel Fountain pen for more than 100 years. This pen is a piece of fountain pen history that was once forgotten and is now retold to you. I really love the design of this pen it pay tribute to the Pilot Custom 67 with vintage ink-filling system.

ABOUT MR NISHIO'S OSAKA STATIONERY COLLECTION. Nishio was one of the prominent fountain pen sellers from the 1900s. With a vast collection of ebonite and celluloid fountain pens. Nishio is also known to not only sells his own fountain pens but make fountain pens for other companies. However, his endeavor came to an end when the war broke out and forced him to close down.

His remaining collection of his was kept in the depository for a long time. Recently we were able to get a hold of his private collection which was in great condition! Needing almost no repair or restoration work.

The supreme quality of his collection forces us to list the item for it to find a new home. Japanese Vintage Fountain pen uses a lot of Semi-Flex nib configurations. This is because, Semi-flex nibs allow writers to write broader strokes in and between each stoke by pressing on the nib, giving writer the flexibility to write calligraphy. It is very crucial that semi-flex nib is included in the fountain open back in the 1930s. It is because Japanese writers use a semi-flex ability to write kanjis and other characters that require a broader stroke between the fine stroke.

Small enterprise such as Lance employs their own nib that was made by either nib maker. The eyedropper has a piston mechanism that helps you to intake a huge amount of ink in the barrel and when you almost finish using the ink, the piston will help you to drain out rest of inks when you clean your pen. This mechanism creates an airtight atmosphere to ensure the leaking out of ink and also constant ink flow to the feeder. Unwind the grip to separate the grip from the body. Inject ink into the body of the pen using an eyedropper and.

Attach the grip back to the body. After sealing the grip to the body tightly, wind down the piston that is located at the end of the barrel.

Station the pen downward to allow the ink to flow into the nib, after a few mins the pen should release ink from the nib. To clean the nib, you can use the piston to push out the remaining ink from the barrel to the nib. The pen is in EXCELLENT Condition! S-Tier (Please Read Below on our Condition Grade).

Obtained from Nishio San's Private collection that has been bestowed to us by his son. With the purpose of finding a new home and a new owner to carry the legacy of Mr. New Old Stock, the pen has not been inked. Please treat the pen with the utmost care, if you do not know what you are doing, please refrain from opening hinges or things that might appear untighten, due to the age of this pen and hard contact or excessive force exerted on the pen damage the pen.

For the seeds you just plant, let's us join a hand to water it. As a plant grows with day-to-day care, at Engeika, your satisfaction grows with our lifelong experiences and the fullest attention. Founded in 1987, Engeika has been known as a leading direct-to-customer e-commerce retailer specializing in writing instruments, watches, bags & cases and recently lighters. Our mission is to bring the most wonderful products with the best quality and design to our customers from all over the world. Engeika means horticulturist in Japanese. A horticulturist is a person who uses scientific as well as artistic knowledge to give the best caring to every single plant in his/her garden. The development of plants is his/her joy. And, the name says it all. We, at Engeika, love and proud to take care of each of you, our dear customers, as your satisfaction is our happiness and motivation everyday. In each product in our store, we would like to bring to YOU not only the BEST QUALITY or the MOST AMAZING DESIGN but also the INSPIRING STORY lying under each of them.

Our story all starts with the love for fountain pens as well as all writing instruments. We used to be amatuer in this field but time after time, knowledge is gained and experiences evolve. We are now proud to bring you not only the best writing products but also the most useful advice so that you can have the most satisfactory writing afterwards. If you have any questions about writing, please ask us anytime, you will quickly find your answer with our help. I love to receive messages from you!

If you have any question or inquiry, please FEEL FREE to ask me! To contact me through EbayPlease feel free to write me in any language you like. I will try my best to understand your words and write to you in English or Japanese. Once the item has been arrived to you, please kindly check it carefully. The return is only accepted during the return period. Items must be in new condition and has not been used at all means. Before returning any item, please contact in advance.

Item Condition Grade for Engeika Vintage Fountain Pen: Please Check Our Vintage Fountain Pen Grade list and read the item's condition list to see the Pen's actual grade ratings. But for an even more detailed description of our pens condition, we have provided a grade tier list to help you determine if this is the pen for you. S Tier - Almost like Brand New: This pen is in exceptional condition, almost as if it were brand new.

There are no signs of rust on the clip, and the original filling system is still intact and does not require replacement. The cap and piston filler, if applicable, screw on and off smoothly without any difficulties. The nib color is vivid with limited to no scratches.

Any hairline scratches are barely visible, and there are no cracks on the pen. The pen feels smooth, polished, and shiny. A Tier - Excellent Condition: This pen is in excellent condition with only minor flaws.

There may be small chips on the nib, but no rust is present. Hairline scratches may be visible on the body, cap, and nib. The nib color remains consistent, although small scratches may be seen upon close inspection.

The pen can be easily screwed on and off, and the filling system works properly. The original filling system is intact with no cracks on the body of the pen.

The pen still feels smooth, polished, and shiny. B Tier - Good Condition: This pen is in good condition and is perfectly usable. It may have some rust on the clip and trim. The nib color may have changed due to weathering or ink stains. The filling system has been replaced with a new one, possibly because the original one had hardened over time and needed replacement.

There are no cracks on the pen, but there may be hairline scratches present. C Tier - Fair Condition: This pen is in fair condition and is functional, but it has noticeable scratches on the body and cap. The trim may be rusted or chipped. Although there are no cracks, the filling system also requires replacement. The nib color may have changed, or the nib itself may have been re-polished.

F Tier - Poor Condition: This pen is still writable, but it is cosmetically in a terrible state. A major refurbishment has been conducted to restore the pen to an acceptable condition, but in the process, many of its original characteristics have been lost. Please note that this item condition grade is based on general standards and may vary depending on the specific criteria and expectations of different collectors or sellers. This will help us to process your order smoothly and ensure that it reaches the correct destination. We will do our best to accommodate your request and make the necessary arrangements. We always try our best to help you with all the problems that you may have with custom in your country. If you have any questions or request, please feel free to let us know. We would like to ask for your cooperation and understanding.
1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen   1940's NISHIO Urushi Ebonite Large Piston Filler Semi-Flex EF Nib Fountain Pen